Misdiagnosis Course of ATD [ATD]

ATD is sometimes, or more, misdiagnosed with FTD(Pick's disease). Therefore ATD is a diagnosis by exclusion, it is important that ATD should be correctly distinguished from FTD.

Donepezil is like a litmus paper.  Prescribing donepezil means finding out that a patient is ATD or not. If donepezil side effect leads to anger, it is a probability of Pick desiase of 70%. If donepezil side effect leads to gait disorder, it is a probability of DLB of 100%
In case that a donepezil has no merit, prescribing a rivastigmine is the best choice.

It is presumed that doctors, who do not FTD, might misdiagnose ATD.

Misdiagnosis Course of ATD.JPG